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Kayak Tours

social group

Embark on an invigorating adventure with our kayak tours and join our fortnightly social group for morning enthusiasts! Starting at 8am, our all-inclusive experience ensures you kickstart your day right, paddling through serene waters. After your adventure, unwind with a complimentary coffee, sharing stories and connecting with like-minded individuals. Embrace the magic of early mornings with us at The Boatshed.

Kayak tour

Discover the beauty and history along the Woronora River with our kayak tours! Perfect for all paddling levels, our guided tours embark on a two-hour journey showcasing the scenic wonders and rich history along the riverbanks. Whether you're a novice or experienced paddler, join us for an unforgettable exploration of the Woronora River.

Private Tours

Indulge in the ultimate personalised adventure with our private kayaking tours, available for booking at your discretion. Whether you're seeking a leisurely family outing with the guidance of our advanced kayaking crew or aiming to enhance your knowledge of the river, we're here to tailor your kayaking or canoeing experience to perfection. Whether it's boosting your confidence on the river or delving into the details of its beauty, our goal is to make your time on the water the best it can be.

For Private Tours please contact us on 95452584 or email

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